Tuesday 2 January 2018

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year...

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year… it was a very sad yet exciting year… lots of new and wonderful experiences… along with the sad and heartbreaking…

Robbie’s Quilt visited its new bed and it looks like it had made itself right at home…
and she just loves it and although it is yet to be quilted… by the amazing Fiona from  Bubzrugs 

it is looking spectacular ….

Its new owner is a very good friend of mine and we traveled to Wooli NSW to stay a few days…  we had breakfast out the front with the river as our view…

One of the days we went exploring and took a drive to The Sandon…while Robbie rested… we had the expected stop for a cuppa at MacLean and then off through Brooms Head and onto The Sandon… we thought we could cross to the opposite side…. Ummm no… maybe by BOAT… not even on low tide…


Sunshine just had to come to explore also…

For the New Year we stayed on a boat …. We moored just north of Sea World… so close we could hear the sea lions… and saw most of the firework that filled the night sky from Paradise Point to Surface Paradise… and saw the 8 o’clock show and stayed up for the midnight ones… and just to top it all off we were lucky as the barge, with the fire works were only 100 ft away… so amazing to be so close…

Till next time…Cheerers for now and thanks for stopping by… Robyn…


  1. Hi Robyn wow love your quilt ,i can see why Robbie love it,well done and Fiona will quilt it beautifully.
    Wow what an exciting time you and Phil have had,oh to be so close to the fireworks would be amazing,happy 2018 to you both xx

  2. some lovely visits you have made..... you know I love that quilt.... beautifully done and I'm looking forward to having a play - thank you...x


  3. Wow! Robbies quilt looks lovely. Fiona will work her magic I'm sure. Nice to be out and about in such beautiful spots x

  4. Robbies quilt is beautiful, and Fiona will work her magic! You have had some great outings, being so close to the fireworks would be amazing.

  5. You are a wonder making those lovely pouches. Hate to think what's 10 years old at my place lol! The stars are looking lovely too xx

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  6. Pretty projects and great idea,Thank you for the tutorial and for sharing !


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