Sunday 21 January 2018

Selling.... Sold and Babies....

We are expecting number 5 grandchild in a few days and I have made special bags for mummy to give to her girls…. our other grand babies and I also made one for her sister to give to her… a special mummy bag… as many are not aware we lost our number 1 grandbaby who was born far to early but he holds a very special place in our hearts …. Jasper that’s why I say 5th grandchild....

We had a very exciting end to last year and an amazing start to this year…. and it is just getting better…. We have signed a contract to sell and we have also found a place to buy…. And this all happens on the 12th of next month… so we are going to be flat out…  and up to our necks in packing….

 This all happened the day we boarded the Dawn a P&O cruise liner… the 9th of January… I have never been on a cruise and my wonderful hubby surprised me … it was a 4 night trip to Airlie Beach and back… with a night of Gatsby …flapper dresses and feather bowers… it was so much fun… and it was so very nice…

he looks stuffed....

and a cuppa at Airlie Beach

then on the 18th of this month we disappeared to a friend place for a few days …

And the owner of the quilt I am making… (Robbie's quilt) also came up on the 19th and we decided on the design for backing as I am building a strip for the back of the quilt and ta da…


So its all coming along very nicely but we also got to just sit and soak up the view…. with cheese and crackers...

Till next time…Cheerers for now and thanks for stopping by… Robyn…


  1. Woohoo all around! Exciting time ahead for you Robyn. Your cruise looked like just the ticket for a big relax. Glad you enjoyed it xx

  2. Well done on the sale and purchase, as Michelle says exciting times ahead. Looks like you had a great time on the cruise, that view from your friends place is beautiful. The backing strip looks wonderful too.

  3. Exciting for the new bubs... yes the ones that went too early hold special places. Congrats on the house sale/buy.... see you in a few weeks

  4. Yee Haa what awesome news Robyn and how exciting waiting for a new little baby to come,what a wonderful start to the new Year xx

  5. Wow you have been busy Robyn - congratulations on surviving the move. Have fun unpacking and getting your new home in order :-) PS Love those Gadsby pics and gorgeous photo of wee Willow!
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  6. I very much like your pattern it's beautiful,thank for sharing good i dea !


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