Sunday, 17 December 2017

Sheesh... its Christmas everywhere

Remember this little project I dragged out following the inspiration from I am … I blogged about it earlier this month… well don’t laugh … I learned whipped back stitch and I just love it…. Ta da

I didn’t get much sewing done but for the whipped back stitch…. as EVERYTHING is packed away as we are TRYING to sell this place…. BUT

I did manage to make this… and there is a story that goes with it and it is a bit long so please bear with me… when my girls first did sewing class at high school about 2002… I help out… as sewing was my profession BLAH BLAH BLAH oh and BLAH BLAH BLAH…

and when James took the same steps I also helped out about 2007…even though he was sort of annoyed about me attending his class… the first project was a simple bag but the next project was a pair of night shorts made with the student’s choice of fabric and the fabric below was the what James choose… yes, it is nearly 10 years ago but I really only just found the scraps and made this project to keep my sewing needles in…

I hope you like my version of a LONG story…. HA HA HA… would hate for me to digress and really tell a long story…
Oh... just a bit of background to the story I have two daughters Danielle and Suzanne and two sons James and Jacob all in that order…

And I made 1 star for a quilt in a box that is a group project… loving all the stars… its going to go together so very nicely…. I will make a few more...
and until next time…
Cheerers for now and thanks for stopping by… Robyn…


  1. Hi Robyn glad you found some inspiration to get started on your project,it looks a cutie.
    Oh i love your little pouch for your needles,thats a great idea,love your short story and your stars look amazing,hope your day is a good one my friend xx

  2. You are a wonder making those lovely pouches. Hate to think what's 10 years old at my place lol! The stars are looking lovely too xx

  3. love the zippy purse.... I don't think it will be easy to loose... the stars are just wonderful.. they will look great all together. I am looking up how to do whipped back stitch.... it looks lovely

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  5. Wow! Robbies quilt looks lovely. Fiona will work her magic I'm sure. Nice to be out and about in such beautiful spots x
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