Sunday 26 March 2017

High tea.

A small group of us went for high tea, to celebrate me turning 50. Yes…. and WOW….  Theresa booked a perfect spot at Devon and pixies, in Logan Village. And the morning just rolled past so very fast… even though it seems this whole birthday thing is lasting longer that I thought… I must say … I am loving it all…

About 10 years ago… a few of the same ladies celebrated for my 40th with an afternoon tea. I was so overwhelmed and on a natural high I wrote a poem about that afternoon, and after today I felt it important to re-read…  and I called it Afternoon Tea… lol no imagination there
I hope you love it…We all had so much fun and I am so lucky to have so many good friends that have stuck with me.

Afternoon tea

How good is that, how would it be,
a group of friends gather for me,
it’s coffee and cake, a savoury or two,
one of them had, one of each shoe.
How great it was, how should it be,
we giggled and laughed through afternoon tea,
presents and parcels, on the table they sat,
as another spoke of heels and a flat.
How grand it is, how could it be,
a 40th birthday came quickly to me,
warnings and wishing, were tossed all about,
what a wonderful life I would not live without
WOW that was 10 years ago... we have done so much and really had a great time getting where we are today... I have a few more quilts to keep me warm and a few more friends to laugh with… and at… mind you I believe that I give them more to laugh at… as I have mastered foot and mouth disease…. The naming of a foal called forthwith… is just one but I am sure the story about Clivia court is the funniest… thank you all for the so many warm wishes and here is to the next ten years…
and a few gifts...
And on the sewing front I have collected these for a new project and I am so looking forward to working on it...
next week I will update you on the newly name Christmas with Robyn form the fabric range Twelve days of Christmas….
All smiles Robyn


  1. Happy Birthday Robyn, looks like a wonderful celebration with friends...

  2. It was a fun morning and so happy to celebrate with you xx

  3. It sounds fabulous Robyn - what a great group of friends you have. It looks like a sweet pile of gifts :-) I love your 40th poem too. Belated Birthday Wishes xx

  4. What wonderful birthday celebrations,love your poem :)

  5. Hi Robyn happy birthday my friend ,sounds like an awesome tea party,love your poem and what beautiful gifts you received,hope your day is a good one.

  6. Wonderful to hear you had a great birthday week with lots of celebrations!! Your Tangalooma trip looked amazing so happy you got to feed the dolphins before the weather forced you home, but it was great you got home safely. Christmas with Robyn looks interesting...the baby waterdragons are cute.