Sunday 5 November 2017

out and about!!!

I got out... and went to our craft show and lookie are who was there… I did find a few different projects to complete but catching up with these ladies was fun… it was last month and most of you have seen this photo but I really had a great day… thanks ladies…
I have this amazing vegie garden... that a local resident possum has made a meal of ANYTHING growing… so I purchased a bird net... as a way to STOP the scandal eating my vegies…. Well I am saddened to report it looks like the possum is not entirely  at fault... and after closer inspection lookie at where our monitor lizard is… the two could be working in combination... eaten my love vegies….  Spied this little sneak investigating the bird net…
then  I just found him chilling with the chickens…
On the sewing front…I make a baby blanket for my daughter to give to her best friends 1st baby … a little boy… called Arthur Ernest…
Our orchids flowered last month and I just love them all…they look so happy…

Phil and I went of on and adventure last month… catching up on Brisbane Open House… it was scrumptious….

and we also just had to do the Sunshine Coast Open House…. What an eye catcher…

Just as a side note...
We are back on the market … selling this place and shifting somewhere new… I have worked out  how to let this place go but Phil hasn’t and I doubt he will until we have found and moved into our new place… We have this amazing 10-year plan… that could happen… or not… but here we go….
I have also sat my last exam and it was easy enough… well I knew what they were asking of me…. I will get my grades on the 17th of this month and I will blog about it…
Cheerers for now and thanks for stopping by… Robyn…


  1. Hi Robyn lovely post ,glad you got to meet Liz,lovely group photo.
    Oh that's interesting that the lizard was eating your veggie garden ,we get lots of lizards here ,not sure whether they have been in our garden,must keep an eye on them.
    Lovely pics of you and Phil and good luck with your next move xx

  2. It was lovely catching up with you at the craft show. Oh dear that is sad you vege garden is being eaten by the wildlife. Love your beautiful orchid. Good luck with the sale & moving Hugs,xx

  3. Wonderful to catch up with the girls at the craft fair. The baby quilt is beautiful Robyn. Love the orchids, maybe there are two vege munchers in your garden, nothing like a fresh supply laid on for them!! You hav done some interesting visits on your out and abouts. Good luck with your exam results!! And of course with the house sale.

  4. It was lovely to catch up and a nice show too. Your orchids are beautiful! What naughty vegie eating critters lol! You and Phil have had a very nice time. Fingers crossed for your move. I am sure you will do well in your exams xx

  5. It is good to have a catch up read of your blog Robymn... I loved following your Hawaii trip on FB - oh what a blast! And well done on getting to the end of your study - good luck with your results :-) Cute little baby quilt - it looks like you have used some minky - that will be lovely. Good luck also with your house sale and future move.

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