Saturday 25 February 2017

Blogging along... number three

I have three grandkiddes I have been making them each a tooth fairy doll and it little miss Sierra’s turn… secretly I'm wishing she will continue the quilting tradition... she is only 4 at the moment and I have time is on my side… although the photo below is little miss Triniti’s… from last year, the plan is the same… the wooden box was made by Phil (Grandad) my hubby… I do the sewing stuff…

Little miss Sierra’s has purple wings… and its in the creation stage… with lots of sewing to do...

It’s as Tinker Bell pattern and for little master 4… I have a Peter Pan pattern and both wooden boxes are made and just waiting for me to finish sewing…
Thanks for stopping by
All smiles Robyn...


  1. Hi Robyn,what a cute idea,love the boxes that go with each one,lucky grandies .

  2. Such a cute Tooth Fairy in her special box.. I'm sure the granndies love her.

  3. So very cute Robyn....the Peter Pan will be as well x

  4. Very cute little tooth fairy dolls Robyn, and I love the boxes Phil is making to go with them. Such lucky grandies!

  5. Beautiful tooth fairy dolls Robyn and the boxes they travel in are great too, thengrandies are very lucky.